Security Guard Services in Greensboro, NC

No matter what your security needs are, NSA Patrol Services is able to help. We frequently receive unique requests from customers who are looking for specific services that they may not be able to get from other companies. Luckily, we can do a lot to help them receive the care that they require without so much struggle and concern.

Security guard services

Patrol Division

National Security Associates Patrol Services are structured to fit your specific security needs and maintain a high security presence in the targeted areas. We provide random vehicle patrols services to corporate office buildings, retail shopping centers, gated communities, apartment complexes, and student housing.

Patrol Services Include

  • DISTURBANCES: Suppress loud music and parties, loitering
  • TRESPASSING: Escort off property and issue criminal trespass notices to subject trespassing, loitering.
  • PARKING & LIGHTS: Depending on location: cite and tow vehicles at owner’s expense. We also provide lighting surveys.
  • RULE & REGULATIONS: Hour Enforcement: Un-Lock/ Lock -Down and/ or clear out location facilities each day at scheduled patrol. Enforce certain property rules and hours pertaining to curfew to minors, visitors and for designated areas such as pool, rec room, fitness room, etc.
  • REPORTS: Send via email to managers detailed report of any incident or discoveries on property.

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NSA Security

We are a premier security company in the Greensboro, NC, area. Not only do we offer our clients peace of mind about the events that they are hosting, but we also ensure that our personnel is kept up to date on the latest training and procedures necessary to keep people safe. We want to always be sure that our team knows what needs to be done in order to protect the clients that hire us.

National Security can assist you in determining the best security solutions for you within your budget. Contact an account manager for a custom security evaluation.

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